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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Delivery option and friendliness of staff"


"The employees and quick service"

"Staff is wonderful"

"Friendly and relatively fast"

"It's quick; people are friendly."

"Fast refill"

"You deliver"

"Great pharmacists and staff. Love Lori."

"Customer service is top notch! Love the ability to refill through your app!"

"Courteous and helpful staff; delivery is so helpful"

"Great service, always professional, friendly"

"No complaints at all; top notch team"

"The ease in refilling my prescription through the app."

"Quick and friendly"

"Everyone has always been so helpful. Also, the convenience of the location and the delivery options."

"Very friendly and helpful. All the employees are concerned about their customers and work hard to help them."

"The staff"

"Only one I go to"


"I lived very close when I was growing up. I loved going to Brown's and buying makeup or other things that my mom would ask me to pick up. After living away from Quincy for 30 years, it is great to come back here and use the same company."

"Nothing bad; all good. You should have more stars."

"How you have kept up with technology and you fill so promptly."

"Adam and Amy are amazing, helpful, and extremely friendly."

"Hours, location, prices"

"Delivery; person who works the counter is super nice"

"Great customer service and delivery"

"That they are so trusting and listen to you; if what you're saying sounds stupid, they don't laugh"

"I trust you."

"Ordering refills on my phone"

"Free delivery"

"Not a big box store. Get in and out fast."

"Friendly; calls when they have questions for me; READs my notes at the bottom of the form; easy use of computer form (no fuss); so far the staff have been so very nice to me. Glad that I have changed to this pharmacy."

"Fast and friendly"


"Convenient & free local delivery"


"We have been with them for 54 years and have always been treated with fast and friendly service."

"It's local and allows me to pick up my husband's meds without hassle.”

"You know my name; drive up service; texts when prescription is filled; free delivery available"


"It's locally owned with better service then other places"

"Staff does a good job"

"Online refills"

"Love the online, any time of day!!"

"That I have the option of getting my Rx's delivered; no one else does that :-)"

"Competent and friendly"

"Great service"

"Very kind and professional!"

"The staff"

"Larry is amazing! My meds were such a mess when switching over to Brown's from my past pharmacy. He figured it out for me and things have been smooth sailing since!"

"Staff and drive thru."


"The options to come and get the prescription or have it delivered."

"Free delivery"

"Friendly service"

"Easy and fast to get in and out"


"Free delivery"

"It's local"

"Mom and Pop!"

You can help Brown Drug by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!